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#StandWithSUNY so More New Yorkers Can Earn Their Degrees
• The Problem: On average, for every 100 ninth graders in NYS, only 23 will complete a college degree even close to on time. Less than half
of New Yorkers hold a degree, but by 2020, nearly 70 percent of jobs will require one.
• Our Solution: SUNY will increase the number of degrees awarded, from 93,000 to 150,000 annually by 2020. We will do this by investing
in evidence-based, high-impact strategies that improve student success, taking proven programs from individual campuses and applying
them system-wide, all while adopting best practices from across the country.
• Why We Need to #StandWithSUNY: SUNY is a huge economic driver for the state, serving three million New Yorkers every year—
including our students, faculty, staff, and more—and an economic powerhouse that generates $21 billion annually for New York.

#StandWithSUNY to Continue Moving New York Forward, Together
• The 2014-15 State Budget included a first-of-its-kind $18M investment of direct State tax support, focused on providing resources to
increase degree completion. Seeing the potential of this approach, SUNY worked to combine this initial investment with other sources of
State funding, strategic use of our own resources, and created a $100M Expanded Investment and Performance Fund.
• SUNY campuses are taking action, submitting more than 200 proposals in response to an RFP to take “best practice” programs from one
campus to scale. All would utilize SUNY’s systemness to move the dial on completion. Common themes that drive us include EOP, Open
SUNY, improved advising, and K-12 engagement.
• We’ve made amazing progress in the four years since Governor Cuomo and the Legislature passed NYSUNY 2020. New predictable tuition
revenue has benefited our students through the hiring of more than 500 new faculty and instructional staff, created 100 new academic
programs, enhanced student services, and expanded tuition assistance to ensure SUNY remains tuition-free for the neediest New Yorkers.

#StandWithSUNY because the State’s Investment Is Paying Off and Helping Students
• Because of the bold action of Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature in passing NYSUNY 2020, New York is only just realizing how
valuable SUNY can be. Now we need to continue that progress and plan for our future.
• To meet these ambitious goals, New York must:
• Build SUNY’s Base by increasing direct State funding for all of our campuses.
• Grow the Investment & Performance Fund and keep the momentum going. Look at what SUNY has accomplished, and imagine what
we could do with more. SUNY will maximize the State’s recent new investment by funding only what works and being accountable
for our performance.
• Extend NYSUNY 2020 and keep tuition-setting authority with the SUNY Board of Trustees, where it belongs, while providing them
the authority to set those rates according to the physical, financial, and academic profile of our institutions.
• The landmark reforms of NYSUNY 2020 have vastly improved the SUNY experience for thousands of students. We must keep them in
place, or face a return to a time when:
• Our State-operated campus students applied to college not knowing what their tuition rates could be;
• State-operated campuses annually faced massive reductions in direct support from the State, and;
• Each new budget further decreased funding per student for our community colleges.

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