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Matthew Moore,’09 MSW, Suffolk County Community College Alumni Profile

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Matthew Moore '09 MSW

Matthew Moore ’09 MSW

Matthew Moore,’09 MSW is the Executive Intern to the President at Stony Brook University and is serving as First-Vice President of the Long Island Latino Teachers Association. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Stony Brook University where he graduated cum laude, and was inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and Psi Chi International Honor Society.  In 2011 Matthew was invited to join the national Phi Beta Kappa honor society, an honor that is only open to the top 10% of students in the nation. Matthew continued his education and earned a Master’s degree from Stony Brook’s School of Social Welfare.

Upon completing his graduate degree, Matthew worked as Senior Research Analyst for the State University of New York Research foundation on a federally-sponsored fatherhood initiative program. Shortly after that he served as Program Director for the EAC Network, Inc. District Attorney’s Pre-Plea Community Service Program.

As a first-generation college graduate and well-accomplished scholar, Matthew understands how complex and intimidating the US higher education system can be for aspiring students. With this reality in mind, Matthew has a personal conviction to inspire every young scholar he encounters that “it is possible.” Despite his humble beginnings in a single-parent, fatherless household, Matthew has overcome many personal and social challenges and has galvanized his dreams into a prolific career.

Matthew has several years of experience in the field of education in a variety of settings and has influenced the lives of many young people. He’s served as a lead instructor in New York State’s first university-sponsored Freedom School which provides reading and self-esteem enrichment for children from economically challenged communities. He’s taught seminar courses for new college students, counseled, mentored, advised and even coached many young people. Matthew currently speaks in schools, churches, and conferences both local and international.

Matthew enjoys playing basketball, traveling internationally, and spending time with his family. During the summer of 2014 he joined a team of dynamic young adults to conduct a massive outreach in Haiti. This was a “life-changing” experience, Matthew quotes.

He believes that with strong ambition, personal fortitude, and a stable support system, there is no limit to what anyone can accomplish.

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