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Send your #SUNYselfie for 2015 !

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In preparation for the annual featured video at the State of the University on January 13th, SUNY is asking for submissions of short video clips and photos from alumni.

The “visual theme” for this year’s video is “the selfie.” What this means is that your contributions should have the appearance that alumni are taking a picture or video of yourselves. The final product will come together as a collage of students and alumni.

With that in mind, SUNY is looking for fun and dynamic video clips and photos that showcase the various ways alumni might show success after college – and of course somehow displaying Suffolk County Community College campus identity.

Such as:

  • Spending time with family (preferably if they are related to other alumni)
  • Alumni on campus
  • Cheering at a sporting event
  • Displaying school spirit wearing any form of school apparel or memorabilia
  • Alumni in various work settings
  • Hanging around with friends who are also alumni
  • Graduation

Submissions are not limited to just these suggestions, and creativity is encouraged. As long as it comes from the perspective of an alumni and captures the spirit of your campus, it will work. Keep in mind that submissions should be a horizontal/landscape angle and of high resolution.

Alumni can submit their videos and photos to both SUNYselfie@suny.edu & alumni@sunysuffolk.edu , or by using the hashtag #SUNYselfie on Twitter and Facebook.

 Find Suffolk County Community College Alumni Association online:

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | WordPress | Pinterest | Flickr | Alumni Shop

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