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Suffolk County Community College Has Access to ‘SUNY Perks’ Shopping Discounts

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SUNY Shopping Discounts

In case you’re ever searching for a good deal, here’s a ton: The SUNY PerksCard Program. It enables you save money on everyday purchases, including: dining, retail, auto services, pet needs, home services, health & beauty, fitness, recreation, travel, entertainment and much, much more.

The SUNY PerksCard Program is free and open to all SUNY students, alumni, affiliated organizations, employees, retirees, and all of their family members, which means that there are literally millions of New Yorkers and millions of more people around the world that can use it.

▷ To sign up, jump to the Benefits Page on SUNY.edu and create a free account with PerksCard (it’ll take you to an external site). Your account will give you discount codes to use when you shop online and will also give you a listing of local restaurants and retailers that offer deals.

And because it’s 2014, you can also download an app to use on your phone that operates similar to Yelp, except that you get discounts (obviously).

If you have any questions about the process or signing up, drop a comment below!

So yes, college pays off in more than one way. #deals

Source: SUNY


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