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Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Eta Gamma Alumni Update

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From: PTK Alumni scccptkalphaetagamma@gmail.com

Sent: Friday, October 24, 2014 11:21 PM
Subject: Alpha Eta Gamma Alumni Update


My Dear Alumni,


This past weekend, from the 17th to 19th, Suffolk County Community College hosted the Phi Theta Kappa’s New York Regional Conference on the Ammerman campus.  The event went off without a hitch and Alpha Eta Gamma effectively helped the students to show our region some good old fashion PTK Fellowship.  The alumni came together to make a strong showing on all three days, both charter and new members, in addition to some new alums that are recent graduates.  We would like to thank Kaitlyn, the association’s newest officer for her individual efforts, tireless dedication, and for making really cool mini PTK cupcakes.


Over the course of the convention weekend, Alpha Eta Gamma exemplified PTK Service from start to finish.  We greeted convention goers at the hotel on Friday, provided coffee and snacks on Saturday and Sunday, as well as assisted the chapter in executing the “Amazing Race” on Saturday afternoon. A big thank you to Deborah, Kim, Matt, Chip, and Natali who all pitched in to demonstrate alumni commitment to Phi Theta Kappa ideals.


Alpha Eta Gamma’s executive board took the reins and provided the association’s Leadership.  Sandra our Advisor, Lisamarie our Parliamentarian, Steve our Ammerman Chapter Representative, and Kaitlyn our Treasurer, all stepped up to make the convention successful.  Lisamarie went above and beyond for this event; her hard work ensured the realization of our association’s participation.  Russell from the College Foundation helped in innumerable ways. He provided guidance, advice, and all the little things that truly make a difference.   Russell made sure we had nametags, alumni pins, table tents, and other various SCCC handouts.  These items went a long way to show the regional convention goers our professionalism and dedication to Phi Theta Kappa.


And, of course, Scholarship was demonstrated by our alums as well.  Sandra, Matt, Lisamarie, Steve, Kaitlyn, and I discussed events as they unfolded.  We devised strategies on the fly, while researching different options to maximize our effectiveness (smartphones do come in handy).  Everyone participated in the discussions at one point or another; however, Steve came up with some very clever ideas during our brainstorming sessions.  Of which, more on that later…


Ultimately, the weekend was very fulfilling and I’m proud to be a member of Alpha Eta Gamma.


Dave Purificato ’11, President


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