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Suffolk Professor Scott Mandia Named Union Fellow and Recipient of AGU Ambassador Award.

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The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has awarded Suffolk County Community College Meteorology Professor Scott Mandia the AGU Ambassador Award, given annually to honorees for their contributions to the Earth science community. Additionally, Mandia was honored as a Union Fellow for “attained acknowledged eminence in the Earth and space sciences.”

The awards, according to the AGU, recognize achievements in advancing Earth and space science.

Carol Finn, AGU president and Judith Ann McKenzie, Chair of the Honors and Recognition Committee wrote in announcing the 2014 awardees:

“We honor these individuals, whose passion for scientific excellence and outstanding achievements in advancing and communicating science significantly contribute to a better future for us all. Their work truly embodies AGU’s vision to “advance and communicate science and its power to ensure a sustainable future.”

“The entire College community joins me in congratulating Professor Mandia,” said Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Shaun L. McKay.

“Scott’s commitment to our College, outstanding performance and high academic standards are an inspiration to each of our students, faculty and staff,” McKay said, adding “this award is well deserved.”

“I am honored that the American Geophysical Union has recognized me for this prestigious award and am pleased that the AGU recognizes the work of community college faculty in promoting science education. There are numerous people who have helped me with my climate outreach efforts and they share this award with me,” Professor Mandia of Miller Place said.

Mandia helped found the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, which matches journalists with scientists to enable the media to better explain climate change and meteorological phenomenon to the public and co-founded the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, to assist scientists when they face legal scrutiny of their work, including demands for their personal correspondence.

In 2011 Mandia was called upon by The White House to present research about the impact of large-scale climate change on severe thunderstorms and tornadoes after a EF5 multiple-vortex tornado struck Joplin, Missouri on May 22 of that year. The tornado killed 158, injured 1,150 and caused $2.8 billion in damages – the costliest single tornado in US history.

In addition to climate change, Mandia has written about Long Island hurricanes including the New England Hurricane of 1938, known locally as the “Long Island Express” and the future vulnerability of Long Island to hurricanes. He co-authored a book with Hunt Janin titled: Rising Sea Levels that was released before Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island and warned about the devastating effects of such a storm on New York.

Mandia is often called upon as an expert by journalists and news organizations to explain meteorological phenomena.

Professor Mandia appears throughout the program below, including a segment at approximately 42:50 with the Suffolk County Community College Men’s Basketball Team explaining storm surge.



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