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Volunteer Firefighters Eligible for Free SUNY Degree

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By on Jun 4, 2014 in Campus Life

Firefighter Free SUNY Tuition
Great news for volunteer firefighters in New York: the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, also known as FASNY, offers up to 100% tuition reimbursement at a New York community college by maintaining good grades and fulfilling service requirements in a volunteer fire company for up to 80 college credits–ultimately, an Associate’s degree.

While the sacrifices that volunteer firefighters across the state make every single day are characterized by humility, fire departments across New York are in real, critical demand to recruit steady working members. So the aim, FASNY says, is to recruit and retain men and women to fulfill this need.

This tuition reimbursement program covers all 30 SUNY community colleges.

As a bonus, the program also covers online courses taken through Empire State College, which expands students’ options because, in conjunction with Open SUNY, students can earn a college degree on their own schedule.

And the FASNY tuition reimbursement program is a perfect fit; as part of SUNY’s continued pursuit to fufill the needs to New Yorkers, 13 different colleges (mostly community colleges) offer programs centered around fire safety and prevention.

FASNY is an organization that prides itself informing, educating and training the volunteer fire service since 1872; they provide volunteer fire and emergency medical service members with the information, education and training they believe they need to succeed.

The application is on the FASNY website and the deadline to apply for the scholarship is usually in February.

Source: SUNY

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