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Largest Class Ever, Mother-Daughter and Grandmother-Granddaughter Among Record 4,189 Degree Recipients

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Suffolk County Community College will confer degrees on a record 4,189 students at its 2014 commencement on Sunday May 18, including a grandmother and granddaughter and mother daughter graduates.

Kathleen Kearney, 66, of Sayville will graduate with her granddaughter, Emily Espenkotter, 20, of Shoreham and Shirley residents Deborah Rehm, 56 and her daughter Amanda Rehm, 23 will each receive degrees at Suffolk’s 52nd commencement.

Kearney said she credits her granddaughter with motivating her to complete her degree.

“I had been taking a courses here and there while I was working as a nurse’s aide,” said Kearney who enrolled at Suffolk in 1997. “My granddaughter, Emily, asked me how many courses I needed to complete my degree and urged me to graduate with her. She motivated me,” said Kearney, who will graduate with a degree in Liberal Arts and General Studies. Kearney said the she has been bitten by the learning bug and plans to continue her education at Empire State College and pursue a bachelor’s degree. Granddaughter Emily, a 2012 graduate of Shoreham Wading River High School, majored in early childhood development, Kearney said.

Deborah Rehm, 56, and her daughter Amanda, 23, are excited to be graduating together. Deborah said she plans to continue her education at St. Josephs College and her goal is to open a health care business. Rehm said her daughter Amanda will be attending Stony Brook University this fall and dreams of becoming an art teacher.

“I had a wonderful experience,” Deborah Rehm said.

Suffolk County Community College Graduation Facts
Suffolk County Community College’s Class of 2014 Commencement Ceremony is Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the Field House of the Health, Sports and Education Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood. The college is graduating a record 4,189 students.

Social Media
The college will be using #SUNYSFLK2014 hash tag to identify graduation photos etc. on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our social media channels are: Twitter: @SUNYSFLK, Instagram SUNYSFLK and Facebook SUFFOLKCCC

Source: Suffolk County Community College

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