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Suffolk Community College Foundation Computer Sale by Ashley Tinley ’14

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(Photo Credit: Victoria Sinacori. Staff of Suffolk Community College Foundation and Central Receiving/Warehouse)

Suffolk Community College Foundation Computer Sale by Ashley Tinley ’14

Not having a computer as a student can be difficult. Fortunately, students attending Suffolk County Community College have had a chance to purchase a computer for fifty dollars.

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, the Ammerman campus held its first Computer Sale. With fifty dollars cash, a Student ID, and reserved time slot, students received a PC with Windows XP, flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Each student was allowed one computer. Three hundred thirty computers were available, but there were still 440 students placed on a waiting list, which means 770 students wanted to buy a computer. “We’re working on refurbishing more computers and selling them not only to the students but the faculty as well,” said Russell Malbrough, Director of Alumni Relations at SCCC. Students on the waiting list will soon be able to purchase a computer at an upcoming sale.

December’s sale raised $16,500, according to Malbrough, who said, “All the money we make here today goes to student scholarships and emergency student loans.” The money goes back into the school to help the students, in addition to helping students who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a Windows desktop or Mac.

The college decided to hold this sale for students because it would make busy student lives a little easier, allowing them to work from home. Some students travel to one of the three campuses on days they don’t have class to get schoolwork done because they don’t own a computer. With the option to buy an affordable computer, students may now save time, energy, and gas, being able to do homework at home.

Students considering buying might wonder, “What if the computer doesn’t work?” Anticipating that concern, SCCC explained in an e-mail, “Computers are refurbished and have been reset and tested prior to this sale.” If any problems did occur, computers would be accepted back for exchange.

The staff working the sale that cold December day was friendly and as helpful as could be. Malbrough said, “We had staff from the following offices all supporting the Computer Sale: Suffolk Community College Foundation, Central Receiving/Warehouse, Security, and Media Services.” All these departments came together to make the Computer Sale possible for students who were excited and happy to buy them. “I can’t believe I’m getting a computer with everything included for fifty dollars,” said Carley Blandi. “That’s less than most of my textbooks cost.”

If you need a computer, keep checking your e-mail to find out when the next sale is going to take place, because these computers sell out quickly with a price like that.


(Editor: Sandra Czybora, Photo Credits: Victoria Sinacori)


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